UGG is really known to the world because of the UGG Australia brand

UGG is really known to the world because of the UGG Australia brand. In 1979, Australian surfer Brian Smith bought some Australian-made UGG boots and brought them to the United States for sale in New York, mainly for surfers in California. Later, he established UGG Holding and registered his own US trademark. However, due to poor management, in 1995, Brian Smith sold the shares to Deckers Outdoor Sports Company. UGG also became popular because of the wearing of many Hollywood stars. And thus gained recognition in several countries. Brian Smith has become a “sinner” in the minds of Australians because of this.

In 1996, UGGAUSTRALIA, JOMVOX, EMU, QK and other brand snow boots successively landed in China, and continued to sell in a tepid way. In the winter of 2009, snow boots ushered in their spring by the momentum of UGG, and sales surged. Become famous overnight. After 2010, more Australian snow boots local brands YELLOWEARTH, JUMBO UGG, SHEARERS and other brands officially entered China to open up the domestic market. Currently in the Australian market like: FD, OZWEAR, UGG LUXURY and other rising stars are also popular. The reason why UGG snow boots are so popular is that it gives the feet a surprisingly comfortable feel. The sheepskin used to make UGG BOOTS has incredible softness to ensure the comfort and warmth of the boots.

UGG BOOTS is worn on the feet and feels more like a sock than a shoe, yet it is enough to cope with the need for outdoor wear. The unique density and softness of Australian wool allows UGG to support each person’s different foot contours for maximum comfort.