Here it is the middle of winter and the world seems to be rocking with cuckoo (scary and sad too) stories, so what better than cozying up with a book full of humor to read with your child, or just for you! Timeless humor lifts spirits and helps us feel safe and sane. It truly cheers me up every time I look at the book sitting on my coffee table. I’m even going to copy some of the pages to color. I’m wishing each of you a very cheerful 2017.


Nickerbacher is back!! This time it’s as a middle grade chapter book, with Nickerbacher’s antics and dreams as viable as ever. His jokes are still funny and timeless. He wants so badly to follow his dream of being a stand-up comedian instead of guarding the Princess Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn, though, is a true friend and encourages him to stand up for his dreams against his father’s commands and Prince Fancypants ~ oops, Prince Happenstance ~ wanting to fight him for Gwendolyn’s hand. How will Nickerbacher ever get to La La Land and be on the Late Knight Show?

This lively book, with its story that dances a sprightly pace, will encourage middle grade children to read more, learning not only new vocabulary, but also to delight in the activity of reading itself. The illustrations in this chapter book are in black and white, so that young owners of the book can color the pages for themselves. (See Nickerbacher The Funniest Dragon picture book for full color illustrations). A great class activity would be for teachers to have students use Nickerbacher as a model for writing and illustrating their own books to be “published” within the school or even in creating their own classroom press to self-publish on-line. It’s never too early to become a published author. Highly recommended for ages 7-11.


Author: Terry John Barto    Author Website  & Nickerbacher Website

Illustrator: Kim Sponaugle    TJB KIDS, Los Angeles, 2016     ISBN: 9781944878276

NOTE ~ I am no longer doing regular book reviews in order for me to have more time to create my own books! So, from now on I’ll be only doing occasional book reviews on children’s (& other) books that I find tickle my fancy, have deep heart, diversity, and/or a roaring good story. For past reviews you can go to my old archives 

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