“You have a wise, gentle yet firm, empathetic approach — and a lovely sense of humor!” – Yvette, Berkeley, CA

In an art class critique I was told to use red, a color I never dared use as it seemed too bold and harsh for me. Yet, I was bothered that I had that block against red. A fellow student who was more daring in her art work, encouraged me to use it “just a little bit,” and she demonstrated on her own painting that she painted with the soles of her shoe instead of a brush! I tried just a tiny mark of red on the very edge of my next painting. Lo, what a difference! Now I can use red whenever I need. That friend was my good Creativity Coach that day.

I opened the door of my comfort zone and walk into my creative zone… when was the last time you felt that creative excitement, freedom, and peace? 

  • Do you have trouble deciding which creative project to focus on?
  • Are you at the start of your project and feel blocked, overwhelmed, or unsure?
  • Is marketing daunting for you?
  • Do you feel that your creative goals are constantly being unfulfilled owing to the real demands of daily life?
  • Do you wonder where to go next?

Are your creative feathers ruffled? Isn’t it your time to explore the real creative you?



Delight in your creativity and find even deeper meaning in your creative life whatever your media or pursuit of happiness. I am a writer, novelist, artist, and trained creativity coach with a background in education. I help you find and pursue your creative success goals, overcome your challenges and blocks, and take you through the process of your project, including setting your routines and finding confidence in each step of the way. Shall we start?!

Let your creativity soar!

As a Creativity Coach I can help you:

  • see, comprehend, and move through the creative blocks that stand in the way of your projects. I can work with you in whatever media: art, writing, crafts, theater, music, photography, or your creative business.
  • inspire you to create meaning with your projects so that you can think bigger, with clarity,  and can work more productively.
  • pinpoint the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so many of us have as creatives.
  • know that you are listened to, and then coach and nourish you so that your creative work shines.

I am available to help you! Let’s get started:

I want you to succeed, so I am working to create affordable options for you:

  • 4 sessions via e-mail 
  • 1 hour session via phone or Skype
  • 1 hour in person appointment
  • If you have a group of friends, we can set up an in-person or Skype workshop
  • Special lifetime price for original clients

Leave me a query with your e-mail address below, and I’ll get back to you within one day. Your query will be private. Or, e-mail me at judithnasse@judithnasse.com

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